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Craig Oldham

Craig Oldham is a Designer, Educator, Writer, Procrastinator, Publisher, Campaigner, Website-Up-Putter, and Yorkshireman. He’s founder of eponymous design practice the Office Of Craig, publishing house Common Practices, and the creative director of Rough Trade Books.

He’s worked with a lot of people you will have heard of, and a lot of people you probably haven’t. He’s won some awards; written some articles;, been featured in, and written, books; had work on TV shows and in newspapers; and shown in, and curated, exhibitions. He also sits on committees, global awards juries, educational steering panels (as well as seats, sofas and chairs). His work has been described by Grayson Perry as “beautiful” and Ken Loach as “terrific”.

He drinks way too much tea and, apparently, swears a lot.