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Multiplicity’s second event of 2018 took place in the beautiful and historic capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Foilco decided that for the first time we would explore a theme for the event and the speakers didn’t disappoint; with tales of strange career happenings, overcoming fears (of just being yourself) and the tribulations that come with being a creative in an unpredictable and ever changing corporate world. Multiplicity Edinburgh would host a stellar creative line-up, with some of the most critically acclaimed (and outspoken) minds in the industry.

Firstly, we were joined by the incredibly talented partnership of Chris Logan and Dougal Marwick of Touch Agency. The local Edinburgh studio who are known for their beautifully striking brand identities, their internationally recognised “WELCOME, WORLD” campaign for Edinburgh International Festival and lastly, because their offices are located in an old public toilet block!

Second to take to the lectern is a personal favourite of ours, his story telling is unrivalled in the industry and every talk is passionate and inspiring, it’s the brilliantly charming Craig Oldham.

Last and by no means least, we were in the company of a true gentleman and design great. Voted Number 1 agency in the UK for a second year by Computer Arts magazine, Jim Sutherland. Jim wowed the crowd with a look at his previous work, simple and powerful branding elements that his studio have become synonymous for.

Codebase hosted Foilco’s Workshop during the day, with our busiest sessions yet welcoming Touch Agency, Contagious, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Uni and Napier.

on our way through to our visas are in order looking forward to it and anyone else I’ve missed off ????

@ac_seventhree 5:28 PM - 8 Nov 2018