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Multiplicity is hosted by Foilco. It is a non-for profit design/creative event which takes place in various cities.

Creativity is as much about the possibilities as it is about the outcome. The possibilities are endless and this potential demonstrates why strategic creative thinking in graphic design is more relevant than ever.

Our guest speakers are renowned practitioners in the design of iconic visual identities for consumer brands and cultural institutions. We will hear of how they strive to deliver not only world-class strategic design but also world-class project management for clients the world over. We examine their work and learn of their unique collaborative working process, during which strategy and design become clearer, simpler and richer in meaning.

This event is for those who creatively push the boundaries, and equally, for those who are focused on learning about creativity, and what it is that inspires the compelling work they see before them.

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Eike König

< Eike König

Eike König is a ’world renowned graphic designer‘ and founder & creative director of Berlin–based creative collective HORT.

Eike’s artistic work is celebrated for it’s conceptual, emotional, visual – sometimes playful, but always deliberate approach.

Eike is also a professor at the University of Arts, HfG Offenbach.

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Eva & Marta Yarza

Eva & Marta Yarza >

Yarza Twins

Yarza Twins is an independent graphic design studio based in London founded by Spanish twins Eva & Marta.

Their scope of clients includes singer Mika, MTV, Adidas, HP and Smirnoff among others.

Their values reside in analysing design as an art and pushing its limits to create something new in order to reinvent our everyday visual culture.

Their work is multidisciplinary, having produced typographies, brands, animations and 3D.

Yarza Twins have won many awards, including a D&AD pencil and having been selected as one of the most exciting creatives under 30 in 2016 by Print Magazine.

Liverpool 18

Poppy Chancellor

< Poppy Chancellor

Poppy is a London-based papercut artist who breathes new life into a traditional craft. Her brand Poppy’s Papercuts aims “To amaze and amuse” with intricate cut-outs, each sliced from a single sheet of paper.

She layers colours under bold black outlines bringing images of her contemporary world to life.
Whether she’s encouraging people to laugh at themselves, enjoy their bodies or make their voices heard, her artworks are a call to action, and collaborating with brands has allowed her work to flourish.

“I work on a small scale using just a cutting mat and a scalpel, so to see my work embroidered onto clothing or painted as a huge mural lets it exist on a whole new platform,” she explains.

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James Quail

James Quail >


Hello I’m James and I’m 1/5th of Dorothy.

Dorothy is a Liverpool (Baltic Triangle) based studio who produce conceptual prints, products and artworks that are sold and exhibited internationally.

Our work has been described by the press both as ‘beautifully clever’ and ‘terribly wicked’.

I create work based around my interests and hobbies, with a particular love of music and music history.

With over 30 years of best practice in stamping foils, Foilco strive to inspire the use of the most varied and diverse range of stamping foils in the industry.

Boasting the world’s widest range of stamping foil shades and finishes, we endeavour to remove the restrictions of creativity to open up the freedom of choice and individualism when considering stamping foils.

By hosting events such as Multiplicity and Workshop, we hope to inspire the print and creative communities by giving people a chance to explore innovative ways of using foil. More importantly, it bridges the gap between suppliers and specifiers. Resulting in the type of collaboration needed for the high-quality end results.

We empower brands and support the creatives.


Tickets for Multiplicity work on a first-come, first-served basis. All proceeds will go to a local charity. Our chosen charity is

Tickets are £10 per person and are available through Eventbrite

Foilco and our event sponsors cover all costs of putting together Multiplicity. This keeps the cost of the evening as low as possible for you. However, we wanted to make a difference to the places we visit and we hope that the money we raise will help the charities withinthat area.

Sponsors & Support


Founded in 1888, Fedrigoni is an Italian paper manufacturer specialising in the production of fine papers for traditional and commercial printing, publishing, packaging and labels. A significant part of its production is made-to-measure, alongside its collection of more than 3,000 products available worldwide.

“At Multiplicity, Fedrigoni hopes to inspire visitors through the expressive power of paper”


The expression “nonverbal communication” declares the transmission of messages or signals through a nonverbal platform such as eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and the distance between two individuals. But we think of this form of communication playing also a hugely important role in the print products we produce. It is always about the relationship between human beings and the objects and physical identities we create.

Within seconds the quality rating of a print is made even without knowing what brand stands behind the print. The feel, the structure, the paper quality of the product and the embellishment like hot foil stamping, embossing and laser-cutting all contributing towards the general impression of the product you see before you. The coherence here is the key. Not selecting a paper you like but selecting the paper which matches with all the elements is the principal challenge.

Shaping the impossible sounds a bold claim. But to find out what is possible or not we have to test ourselves to exceed the line of feasibility. Without that we will never truly know. And what’s not feasible this year can still be feasible next year. We constantly elevate our experience, our knowledge and invest time in the technological changes to help us with new approaches to our work. The most important thing to us is the culture and mentality in our studio. The collective ambition to improve the knowhow and deep understanding of print and print finishing. To be a fundamental and integral part in delivering that nonverbal communication.

The Whitechapel Centre

The Whitechapel Centre is one of the leading homelessness and housing charities for the Liverpool region. We work with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels, or struggling to manage their accommodation. Our mission is to prevent and resolve homelessness, social exclusion and housing poverty by providing practical, realistic, tailored support so that each person can find a route out of homelessness, maintain a home and achieve their individual potential.

We’re open 365 days a year to provide hot food, showers, laundry facilities, and housing advice and support.

Our services include Street Outreach, supported accommodation for both single people and families, harm reduction, learning and enablement activities, housing and welfare advice, peer mentoring, and a private rented bond scheme. All of our projects reflect the diverse routes into and through homelessness.