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Multiplicity is created by Foilco. It is a design/creative event which takes place in various cities. Featuring three speakers from the creative industries, the event is a chance for designers, illustrators, photographers & artists to get together in one space for one night.

Foilco started Multiplicity because we felt there was a genuine need for events such as this to take place in a variety of cities around the UK and beyond. As a company we are always visiting and speaking with designers and creatives to talk about foils, we understand the community aspect involved and thought why not help support that.

Multiplicity is a chance to get together, to talk about creativity and to listen to some really great speakers. We do this because, like you, we are passionate about the design and creative industries. It’s our chance to give a little back.

We also do it because it’s our chance to educate and inform the design community with regard to who Foilco are and what we can offer. Foilco has been servicing the design industry for over 30 years now and we offer the largest range of hot stamping foils in all sectors.

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Our Promise

Our speakers have included: